Staining for Ki67 in paraffin-embedded tissue sections

LEAD AUTHOR Jennifer Kay, PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PROTOCOL TYPE: Fundamental Techniques and Real Methods
Protocol Document
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SYNOPSIS: This protocol describes how to immunofluorescence stain for Ki67, a marker of cellular proliferation, in paraffin-embedded tissue sections.
ABSTRACT: This protocol describes how to stain sections of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue for Ki67, a protein marker of proliferation expressed during S, G2, and M phase of the cell cycle. A primary antibody is used to identify and bind to Ki67, and a secondary antibody conjugated to a fluorescent probe identifies and binds the primary antibody for imaging by fluorescence.
SAFETY PROCEDURES: This protocol involves use of xylenes. Handle xylenes with appropriate gloves (nitrile, latex, or other gloves rated for use with xylenes). Xylenes should be kept in a chemical safety hood at all times.

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