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Create your protocol document using the following steps:

  1. Follow the outline provided below.
  2. Provide complete information. Note, asterisks indicate required information.
  3. Insert NextGen Protocols banner in your document, if you wish. [open banner in HTML page]
  4. Save your protocol document as a PDF file with a name that matches the title of your protocol.
  5. You will be prompted to upload the protocol document in PDF form on the submission form.

Example protocol document:
Single Cell Microarray for Hight-Throughput Detection of DNA Damage [view example]

*TITLE (150 characters maximum)

Include full name, title (undergraduate/graduate student, post doc fellow, professor, etc.), department, institution, city, state, and country.

Include a photo of the lead author. Square images with a minimum size of 200 x 200 pixels work best.

Include full name, title (undergraduate/graduate student, post doc fellow, professor, etc.), department, institution, city, state, and country.

*SYNOPSIS (150 words)
Provide a synopsis of your protocol.

ABSTRACT (150 – 300 words)
The abstract should include four parts:
a) Type of protocol. Fundamental Techniques, Real Methods, or Novel Technologies
b) Motivation. Highlight the motivation for and significance of the protocol.
c) Scientific basis of the abstract. Please describe the science behind the protocol.
d) Description of the protocol itself. Please provide specific, concise description.

Include an image to accompany your protocol. Square images of minimum size 200 x 200 pixels work best.

List publications with research results/data created using this protocol. For formatting, please use PLOS One formatting. Note, publications are required for protocols that demonstrate published methods. Please include PubMed links if available.

This is the author’s opportunity to provide information that supports the efficacy of the protocol. Descriptions of success are welcomed. We highly recommend that you include a sample of data produced using this protocol to inspire others to use your approach. Images, diagrams, and graphs are recommended. Note that the sample data included here must not be a copy of a published piece, and cannot be something that you plan to publish elsewhere.

Please provide detailed instructions for your protocol. We recommend breaking your protocol into steps. Provide an overview, duration, materials, and safety procedures for each step. Create videos for each step and note their titles in this section. (The URLs will change when your protocol is posted; the protocol procedure steps will remain the same.) Correspond video number/title with step numbers and note video number/title where most relevant in the step.

Please see Safe Laboratory Practices
For your protocol, please include information on any biohazard or hazardous chemical. Authors are encouraged to provide detailed instructions for safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials.