Make a Protocol Steps

Review Guidelines > Compose Document > Make Videos > Compile Description > Submit

Creating a protocol is easy! Start with the basic protocol you follow in lab, and add any descriptive notes that would make it easier for an unfamiliar researcher to follow. See this example. We encourage you to take pictures or videos to support your protocol and illustrate how steps are done, but this is not required. Make sure you have approval of contributors, and follow the instructions to submit!


Review the Submissions Guidelines to identify key requirements, discover the types of protocols appropriate for submission as NextGen Protocols, and learn about the peer review process.


Prepare a written document that describes the detailed procedure and example data. Save your protocol document in PDF form. See Compose Document for organization and formatting details.


Use a smartphone or camcorder to videotape key steps of your protocol. Each video clip may be as short as five seconds, or as long as 10 minutes. No editing required! See Make Videos for detailed instructions on how to make videos, upload them to Dropbox, and share the links.


Compile descriptive information about your protocol. Use our worksheet, or make your own to save the details about your protocol. See Compile Description for details.


With coauthors, review and finalize all elements of your protocol. Coauthors should agree that the protocol is ready for submission. Confirm that contributors have been acknowledged, and gather approval to use and publish images as needed. Use our submission form to enter protocol description, upload images, upload protocol document in PDF form, and provide links to protocol videos. We recommend that you gather all components before proceeding to submit.

Need to Revise?

If you would like to update a protocol you have already published, please contact us by email at with your revised .pdf document and we will replace the previous one for you. If you have only small edits, you may also leave comments on your published protocol with updated information.