Q: What if I adapted my protocol from someone else?

A: Almost all protocols are adaptations! First, ask for permission to publish the protocol from the person who developed it, if possible. Include the names of those who contributed to the development of the protocol in the authors section. We encourage you to cite existing publications that utilize the protocol in your abstract, synopsis, or reference sections as applicable.


Q: I don’t know what category my protocol falls under.

A: Not a problem, just pick one. The site moderator will ultimately decide in which category(s) your protocol will be listed.


Q: I posted a protocol but have since made improvements to it. How do I update a previously published protocol?

A: At this time we do not allow direct editing of the site or protocols by users. Please email the moderator (moderator@nextgen-protocols.org) with your updates and how you would like them incorporated, and we will edit your protocol accordingly.